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Frequently Asked Questions

For freelancers, there is a low monthly fee of R49.00 (or an annual subscription of R490.00) which includes access to the platform, allowing prospective clients to contact you. There are no hidden fees! We don't take any commissions and dont charge any fees when prospective clients contact freelancers.

Freelance Garden Route has been created for freelancers and small business professionals looking to attact and engage with potential clients.

Prospective clients are easily able to contact each freelancer using the contact form on their profile. Once a contact request has been sent, it is up to the freelancer to engage with the client about their request.

Yes, if you have a registered business but would like to create a profile for yourself to represent your business, listing on Freelance Garden Route may be a great way to attract new clients. We would suggest creating a profile that represents you and your skills, rather than purely listing your business. For example, on your profile, use an image of yourself with your name, rather than the business name.