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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Freelancer

Freelance Garden Route has been developed to provide a platform for both creative freelancers and those looking to hire a freelancer. Hiring a freelancer provides an awesome opportunity to work on once-off projects with talented individuals that can deliver high-quality work.

If you have never worked with a freelancer before, here are a few things to consider:

1.Paying a Freelancer

Freelancers usually come with a slightly cheaper price tag than an agency, but it’s all a time game. Freelancers usually consider the amount of time a project may take and offer an hourly rate. It is a good idea to consider how long a project will reasonably take and how that aligns with the quote.

It’s important to remember that Freelancers are real people. If you want to work with a high-quality freelancer, that's going to require a bit of an investment. The word "free" might appear in the name, but freelancers still definitely expect to be paid - and not by exposure or a “great” opportunity, but with real money.

Consider getting quotes from two or three freelancers in order to weigh-up apples with apples. If the quotes are completely different, investigate why one quote is higher than the other before kicking it out the door.

2. Be prepared to share details

One of the biggest struggles as a freelancer is quoting on a project that has very little details.

What timeline are you planning on? What are your goals with this project? What other requirements do you have?

This is all important information for the freelancer to know -- not only so that he/she can quote a more accurate rate, but also so that he/she can complete the project to meet with your expectations. Sign a non-disclosure with the freelancer before telling details of the project and before signing a quote, ensure that the freelancer knows your expectations regarding the project.

3. Word of mouth

Word of mouth is still one of the most important marketing tools that exist. We’ve tapped into this by providing a “Recommend Me” tool on a freelancer’s profile. Before contacting a freelancer, read the recommendations that they’ve received from other companies and projects.

Once you’ve worked with a freelancer and are happy with the project, recommend them via their public profile.

If you can’t find a freelancer that will suit your project, contact us and let us help find the perfect person. We hope your next project is a success!